Salesforce Services

Salesforce Services
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Salesforce Developer

If you are looking for remote Salesforce developer resources or salesforce development services, click here to leave us a message to discuss your needs. Veri Cloud as a Salesforce partner in Turkey, can offer high quality & affordable Salesforce development & support services.

Salesforce Development Services

With our experienced team of Salesforce architects & solution engineers, we can easily understand your custom requirements and come up with the most convenient & solid solutions. Our delivery team starts to make the necessary developments on your sandbox instances to conduct the unit tests and UAT processes.
After you are happy with the development, we can deploy the changes to production instance and you are left with a smile on your face 🙂

Managed Services & Salesforce Developer Support

You may be very busy to handle services in-house or want to outsource some of your services regularly? Veri Cloud can provide Salesforce support and managed services on a regular basis.

Salesforce Consultation & Setup

After the discovery meetings, our Salesforce experts advise on the requirements & which Salesforce solutions to use. Then our delivery team handles the project by implementing and customizating the Salesforce products and solutions.

Salesforce App Integration Services

Veri Cloud as Salesforce Systems Integrator (SI) partner, can provide the required architectural design & integration services about your Salesforce application to talk to external systems like SAP, Oracle, Mailchimp, Magento, AWS & others and exchange data via SOAP or REST Api's easily.
We can establish real-time one way/2-way connections as well as Scheduled Jobs (batches) that run on specific times to get/post data.
Let's answer your questions about Salesforce right away.